List of products by brand Dodow

Dodow est une petite pépite française qui s’est lancée le défi d’apaiser les nuits des Français. La start-up repose sur les épaules de 4 fondateurs, « pour certains des anciens insomniaques », qui ont allié leurs compétences pour aider les 10 millions de Français au sommeil troublé à mieux s’endormir et mieux dormir. Issus des sciences, du design, de la programmation, de la méditation et du yoga, Greg, Gui, Pierre et Alex ont relevé avec brio ce pari : trouver une alternative efficace, économique et simple d’utilisation aux thérapies, aux longues séances de méditation et de yoga et, surtout, à la bouée chimique que sont les somnifères : le régulateur de sommeil bien nommé Dodow ! 
  • Hoomband Sleep and Relaxation Band (size M / L)


    Hoomband, the headband that makes you sleep with stories and relaxing sounds...

    By combining comfort, flexibility, support and mobility, Hoomband is the first audio headband made to facilitate your sleep... Provided with a mobile application, HoomBand users benefit from a library of sleep stories and sounds designed with the help of the best specialists (hypnotherapists, sleep doctors, sophrologists and sound designers). The Hoom project provides its users with qualitative, varied and immersive audio content to fall asleep in the best conditions. Available in French and English.

  • Dodow Sleep Regulator


    Dodow, the metronome that will change your nights !

    Design, discreet and incredibly cute : Dodow is a luminous pebble with the power to transform your nights ! Result of years of research by scientists, designers, mediation and yoga enthusiasts, this sleep regulator has one objective : helping you fall asleep more quickly and in complete serenity !
    Dodow is ultra-easy to use : placed on your bedside table, it projects a light beam on your ceiling. All you have to do is synchronize your breathing with this halo. Dodow gently takes you from 11 to 6 breaths per minute and helps you keep this rhythm. Naturally and progressively, your brain activity will slow down to let you fall asleep faster than with the help of sleeping pill ! A French innovation that has already revolutionized the sleep of tens of thousands of insomniacs.