Remerciez vos clients ou vos fournisseurs, récompensez vos collaborateurs ou dynamisez vos partenaires en choisissant des objets techno-chic ! La plupart de nos objets sont personnalisables et nous avons développé un réseau de revendeurs et d'agences spécialisées qui sauront vous conseiller dans vos opérations de communication par l'objet. A chaque situation, une opportunité à saisir: que ce soit pour vos cadeaux de fin d'année, un évènement comme un salon ou un séminaire, ou pour tout autre projet, valorisez vos actions par des objets qui véhiculent une image chic et moderne.

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  • Chipolo One Bluetooth Key Finder for Corporate Gifts

    Chipolo One, the improved version of the best Bluetooth Key Finder to the world!
    Do not pass not next to Chipolo One for your business gifts. Clever and unique, Chipolo One is also customizable: make your own logo printed on any of the six colors of the range! It is also more powerful than its predecessor: enjoy the life of the replaceable battery extended to two years, better ring and a completely sealed unit.
  • Tablet Stand KEKO

    KEKO Tablet, for tablet ergonomic and ultra resistant!
    In release tablet, the KEKO stand offers the same qualities as the smartphone to . Declinable in many colors, the for KEKO tablet is optimal for a better grip of the screen. Ultra durable and lightweight, he carries everywhere and offers great stability thanks to its molding slip
    . Use it in portrait or landscape to watch your favorite videos or write your emails on any type of Android and Apple tablet.
  • Phone Stand KEKO

    KEKO Phone, for ergonomic and ultra resistant smartphone!
    More and more people complain of pain to the neck caused by the repeated head tilt to mobile devices. At work or at home, for phone KEKO is the reference tool to keep your smartphone in vertical or horizontal position while keeping a suitable posture!
    With two ergonomic angles and four positions to choose the KEKO stand is ideal for read and write mode. Compatible with any type of smartphone and protective shell, KEKO is ultra strong, lightweight and foldable to be transported everywhere.
  • The Pac 3 in 1 Illuminated Cables for all Smartphones

    With this luminous cable for your smartphone or tablet, the energy flow becomes visible. WOW effect guaranteed !
    Power Aware's The Pac cables show you the power flowing to your cell phone, tablet, computer or any device with a micro-USB, USB-C or iPhone Lightning. The electrical power materializes as a beautiful light that scrolls along the cable. The flow is fast at first and slower as the battery fills up. When it is full, the cable turns off. The resulting lack of overcharging preserves the life of your battery... and the resources of our beautiful planet !
  • Chipolo Card Bluetooth wallet finder

    A connected Card to track all your items !
    Do you know that the Chipolo house has a motto : the only thing that we can't recycle is the wasted time. With the connected Chipolo Card, don't waist a minute to get your purse, tablet, phone or ... any item ! This connected card is very fine and ultra-discreet to fit easily on any device.


  • Orbit Card Bluetooth wallet finder


    You won't live without Orbit Card !

    If you are a "loosing thins" person (especially your wallet or phone), Orbit Card could save you a lot of time... This credit card-sized connected object slips into your wallet. Just ring it from your phone, or ring your missing phone by clicking on the card ! Discreet, efficient and simply indispensable, Orbit Card is rechargeable and compatible with most smartphones. 

  • Orbit Key Bluetooth key finder


    With Orbit Key, don't lose your keys (or your smartphone !)

    Are you a "loosing things" person ? Then Orbit Key is for you ! With this connected key chain in anodized aluminum, find your keys or your phone just in one click.

    Orbit Key's look is particularly attractive, but not only : it can be recharged with a new one when the original is HS.

    We bet Orbit Key will become your best friend !

  • Dodow Sleep Regulator


    Dodow, the metronome that will change your nights !

    Design, discreet and incredibly cute : Dodow is a luminous pebble with the power to transform your nights ! Result of years of research by scientists, designers, mediation and yoga enthusiasts, this sleep regulator has one objective : helping you fall asleep more quickly and in complete serenity !
    Dodow is ultra-easy to use : placed on your bedside table, it projects a light beam on your ceiling. All you have to do is synchronize your breathing with this halo. Dodow gently takes you from 11 to 6 breaths per minute and helps you keep this rhythm. Naturally and progressively, your brain activity will slow down to let you fall asleep faster than with the help of sleeping pill ! A French innovation that has already revolutionized the sleep of tens of thousands of insomniacs.