List of products by brand Trozk

Founded in 2015 in Shenzhen, Trozk creates and sales smart objects with a creative design. The brand strives to make everyday life easier by offering useful, aesthetically pleasing products designed by teams specialising in Research & Development.

  • Mini Train Humidifier by Trozk


    The Mini Train Humidifier, perfect for mild summers and cocooning winters !  

    Avoid the harmful effects of dry air with the Mini Train Humidifier. Its 300ml capacity ensures humidification up to 4 consecutive hours. Enjoy maximum well-being throughout the year !

  • Chargeur sans-fil LOLLIPOP


    The LOLLIPOP wireless charger, the fun and deliciously sweet accessory !

    Don't be fooled, it's not just a lollipop ! LOLLIPOP is a smart wireless charger, with an electromagnetic induction system compatible with Qi. Small, light and easy to carry, the new LOLLIPOP wireless charger has everything to seduce you !

  • Chargeur pour Smarphone Donut


    Imagine a charging station shaped like a donut, with a discreet design and a texture as soft as silk !

    No, that is not just a doughnut and no, you cannot eat it !
    The DONUT multiport adaptor from Trozk literally breaks the codes of the classic charger ! Its perfectly circular shape, its unbreakable and smooth shell and its futuristic design contain 5 USB plugs and ports. More than a simple charging station, this object will follow you everywhere.