List of products by brand Muggo

  • Muggo Qi, Temperature Control Mug and Wireless Charger

    With Muggo, rediscover the taste of coffee !

    Sick of cold coffee and thermos that don't keep coffee hot long enough ? Muggo will change your daily life !

    The Muggo Qi Heated Mug suits your needs and promises you hot coffee at any time. The charging unit keeps your coffee at 55°C and turns on/off automatically. Don't worry about the temperature of your coffee, Muggo takes care of it !

    Thanks to its double function, Muggo can also charge any smartphone or your AirPods in a record time.

  • Muggo, Temperature Control Mug

    With Muggo, rediscover the taste of hot drinks !

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    are you tired of cold coffee thermos and who do not maintain your long enough hot favorite drink? Muggo will revolutionize your daily

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    by combining the magnetic energy to a wireless battery, Muggo hot cup keeps the tea or coffee in temperature throughout the day. Simply choose the desired temperature (not too cold, not too hot) and voila!