List of products by brand NASA

  • NASA Jet Rocket Kit


    NASA's space rocket kit has everything you need to prepare for liftoff with a clever chemical mix !

    Build and decorate this officially licensed NASA rocket before launching it to the stars. 

  • NASA Space Experiment Kit


    Learn about the Apollo 11 space mission and recreate the famous landing with this super fun science kit !

    Includes glow-in-the-dark parts and a 3D lunar calendar. This kit is perfect for budding astronauts to enhance their knowledge of space exploration and STEM projects.

  • NASA Retro Digital Watch


    Don't go on a space mission without the NASA digital watch 

    Its retro style perfectly recalls the glory years of space experiments. Ideal for nostalgic or NASA aficionados !

  • NASA Metal Travel Bottle


    A travel bottle with NASA colors

    Space exploration enthusiasts will be delighted to carry their favorite drink in this metal NASA travel bottle. A must-have for storing hot or iced drinks. 

  • NASA Telescope


    Explore near and far celestial objects with this powerful, officially licensed NASA astronomical telescope.

    View stars, planets, brightest nebulae and galaxies from your window, or venture away from light pollution to observe dimmer objects in the deep sky. 

  • NASA Lunch Bag


    Even astronauts need a lunch break

    Featuring a stylish gold zipper and flanked by the nostalgic NASA logo, this NASA lunch bag is definitely the coolest in the galaxy.

  • NASA Backpack


    NASA's coolest backpack for back to school

    For class or for sports, this backpack is one of the must-have items from the NASA collection !

  • NASA Interactive Astronaut Robot


    Welcome to the fascinating world of NASA... 

    You may not have known it existed, but NASA's Robot Astronaut is as good as R2D2 or Wall-E! Able to react to voice and touch, you can talk with this little robot that records and repeats your messages. It is also able to move back and forth and from left to right.

  • NASA Space Rocket Construction Kit


    This NASA space rocket building kit offers an amazing building experience for all fans of the famous aeronautics agency.

  • NASA Lunar Lander Construction Kit


    Fascinated by the world of aeronautics ?

    Rediscover the pleasure of building games with this remarkable NASA kit. Build yourself a lunar lander and display it at home !

  • NASA Galaxy Retro Lamp


    The famous retro lamp exists in a Galaxy version in the colors of NASA ! Place it in your living room or on your desk.

    Are you ready? Head for the Moon !