Porte-clés connecté Chipolo One pour les cadeaux d'affaires

Chipolo One Bluetooth Key Finder for Corporate Gifts

Chipolo One, the improved version of the best Bluetooth Key Finder to the world!
Do not pass not next to Chipolo One for your business gifts. Clever and unique, Chipolo One is also customizable: make your own logo printed on any of the six colors of the range! It is also more powerful than its predecessor: enjoy the life of the replaceable battery extended to two years, better ring and a completely sealed unit.
MSRP : €20.79
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Highlights Business Gift:

  • Customer logo visible from the outside of the box
  • Unique in the world: customer logo in the application (optional)
  • sleeve optional customizable
  • Made in the EU

highlights Product:

  • Make sound Chipolo to find all your belongings or take selfies
  • Lived changeable battery up to 2 years
  • Ringtone 120 dB, 60m coverage area free field
  • outside the area, the application stores and points last GPS position of the object
  • inverse function: click the Chipolo to ring your phone (even silently)
  • sleeve customizable
  • Works with iOS and Android with voice recognition (Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa) < /ul>


Attach Chipolo One objects to which you are attached ...

Chipolo is more than a key ring connected! Small and colorful, the chip Chipolo One? S attached to the most precious things in your life everyday. The ones you worry about losing or that? You have to look for hours to? End to end? Another home. The? Free application allows you to geotag on a map of the latest GPS position Chipolo One or make it sound s? It is close. The latest novelty? You receive a notification if you forget your things behind you



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All your Chipolo at a glance as well as those of your loved ones ...

the Chipolo Network allows you to view on a map from the application or from any device (desktop, tablet, etc.) the last known GPS position of all your Chipolo. You can also enable the real-time location of your smartphone (handy if it's one you lose). The Chipolo sharing feature, you can exchange between nearby locations of your objects ... If a Chipolo would no longer localizable all, Chipolo strong community of 1 million users, takes over .. .


Find your car or your bike wherever you have left

once parked, let your Chipolo in your car, your bike, etc ... as soon as you move the Chipolo will send a signal to your smartphone that will store its GPS tracking. Find your vehicle in one click: Chipolo open the application and it will show you on a map the location of your car


Click your Chipolo to ring your phone (even in silent mode) or to trigger selfies



Data sheet

Connexion par
Bluetooth 5.0
Compatibilité de l'App Mobile
iOS 11 et supérieur ; Androïd 7 et plus récents
Batterie - Alimentation
Pile plate CR 2032 changeable
Autonomie de la batterie (données fabricant)
2 ans
Chipolo One : 37,9mm x 6,4mm
Garantie Fabricant
1 an

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