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Orbit Card Bluetooth wallet finder

You won't live without Orbit Card !

If you are a "loosing thins" person (especially your wallet or phone), Orbit Card could save you a lot of time... This credit card-sized connected object slips into your wallet. Just ring it from your phone, or ring your missing phone by clicking on the card ! Discreet, efficient and simply indispensable, Orbit Card is rechargeable and compatible with most smartphones. 

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Highlights :

Ring your phone or keys (or any other object in which Orbit Card is stored) within a perimeter of 30 to 60m
The application points on a map the last known GPS location 90dB ringtone : the app finds the object even if it is buried under a pile of clothes !
Trigger for selfie
Compatible with iPhone 4S and later models + Android 4.4 and later versions
Splash resistant


Video :

Works with compatible devices



It seems that we lose 150min every month searching our items...and on top of that : our keys and our mobile phone ! Orbit Kit will save you a large amount of time, so you could do a lot of interesting things ! Our device is ultra-easy to use and accessible to everyone.

How to install ORBIT?

Download the free app on the AppStore or Google Play. Then open the application and allow it to pinpoint your location. Make sure to turn on your Bluetooth to connect your phone with Orbit.


How to find Orbit?

Press the orange button at the bottom of the screen.

If there is no ringtone, a notification will show to let you know the last known location of your ORBIT KEY.


How to find your phone with ORBIT CARD?

Press the side button of ORBIT, and your phone will ring and flash. If there is no ringing, the phone is out of reach.


Take a selfie with Orbit CARD

Press the top right icon above the bar of tools. Position and point your smartphone on what you want to photograph. Click on the side of ORBIT to take the picture.

When you are done, press the arrow on the left side on the lower tools bar's application.



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