Stylophone, réédition vintage du synthétiseur de poche
  • Stylophone, réédition vintage du synthétiseur de poche
  • Stylophone
  • Stylophone, le mini synthétiseur rétro et moderne à la fois !

Stylophone, The Original Pocket Synthesizer

Boost your creativity and your musical skills with this reissue of the mythical Stylophone !

The stylophone is the perfect instrument for crazy blind-tests with friends or just for a sweet serenade. Easy to carry on a trip, the stylophone is the ideal gift for a musician friend or a music lover fellow ! Used by David Bowie in his famous Space Oddity song, this timeless instrument will give you hours of fun. 

MSRP : €33.33
Expédié sous 10-12 jours

10 jours

Highlights :

  • 2020 new version : same analog sound as the original, improved product and packaging
  • Iconic instrument used by David Bowie, the Beatles and Queen
  • An original and unforgettable gift in its retro packaging
  • Easy to learn 
  • Easy-to-interpret scores in numbers included in the box
  • Revisit your favorite hits, play Blind Tests
  • Easily to carry
  • Dive into the 70's with delight
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Play like Bowie ! The Stylophone was the instrument used in the famous Space Oddity that launched the career of the Stylophone and brought it to the highest echelons of the music industry. The Stylophone was later used by many famous artists of the time, including The Beatles, Kraftwerk, Queen, Vangelis, The Velvet Underground, The Osmonds and many others.


This original pocket synthesizer, created in 1967, met a huge success with more than 3 million copies sold in the next decade. The reedition also met a notable success, with over a million units sold since 2007, retaining all the original characteristics featuring a technology. Despite its retro look, the contemporary Stylophone is a modern synthesizer that will allow you to compose your own way, to replay your favorite tracks and spend unforgettable moments with friends.


Initially conceived as a toy, before seducing professional musicians and the general public, its credo is to be usable very quickly, by removing the time of learning necessary to many musical instruments. Covers of your favorite hits have never been so easy to play! 

What is the box composed of?

  • Mini synthesizer
  • Stylophone included
  • Booklet with the history of the Stylophone and easy to interpret scores in numbers

Data sheet

Batterie - Alimentation
3 piles AA (non fournies)
Sortie Casque et Entrée audio permettant le branchement d'un lecteur mp3
60 x 220 x 125 mm
Garantie Fabricant
1 an
Contenu de la boite
Stylophone, Livret avec l'histoire du Stylophone et des partitions en chiffres faciles à interpréter

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