Régulateur de sommeil DODOW

Dodow Sleep Regulator

Dodow, the metronome that will change your nights !

Design, discreet and incredibly cute : Dodow is a luminous pebble with the power to transform your nights ! Result of years of research by scientists, designers, mediation and yoga enthusiasts, this sleep regulator has one objective : helping you fall asleep more quickly and in complete serenity !
Dodow is ultra-easy to use : placed on your bedside table, it projects a light beam on your ceiling. All you have to do is synchronize your breathing with this halo. Dodow gently takes you from 11 to 6 breaths per minute and helps you keep this rhythm. Naturally and progressively, your brain activity will slow down to let you fall asleep faster than with the help of sleeping pill ! A French innovation that has already revolutionized the sleep of tens of thousands of insomniacs.

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  • Dodow helps you to fall asleep naturally in just a few minutes
  • The bright roller turns off after 8 or 20minutes, depending on your choice
  • Efficient against jet lag
  • A device suitable for all, including children and the elderly


Dodow, the tool that awakens the sleep of French

The French are among the European champions consumption of sleeping pills ... But there are natural solutions to sleep again. And Dodow is simply the easiest to use tool (and the cutest) to escape insomnia or difficulty to fall asleep.


Dodow stat bed


Dodow, the tool that wakes sleeping !

Simply place the light roller on your bedside table. Lying on your back, inhale when the halo extends and exhale when it retracts ... Install with confidence a belly breathing : Dodow is designed to let the person beside you sleeping.

Dodow Flare


Focus on, and Dodow does the rest

This is the aim of meditation : focusing on breathing to reduce the flow of thoughts. So your brain is preparing to sleep.

Dodow flow of thoughts


Dodow, your coach in relaxation at home !

This device works on the cardiac coherence : with Dodow, you don't need to follow yoga and relaxation sessions. Within minutes, it helps you slow down your breathing. You go, naturally 6 to 11 breaths per minute ...

Dodow breathing BPM 6


Lower your breath and switch to the Alpha status

This bright metronome helps you triggering the baroreflex. This physiological mechanism will rebalance the autonomic nervous system caused by your insomnia or your difficulties to sleep. You pass naturally in what we calle the "Alpha status". Join the arms of Morpheus quietly, Dodow turns off by itself after 8 to 20minutes, depending on the selected setting.

Dodow baroreflex



Data sheet

Batterie - Alimentation
3 piles AAA (fournies)
8.7 x 2.1 x 8.7 cm
22 grammes
Plastique ABS
Garantie Fabricant
2 ans
Contenu de la boite
Galet Dodow, 3 piles AAA et notice d'utilisation

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