List of products by brand Chipolo

CHIPOLO is a 100% European brand and proud of it. Entirely manufactured in the European Union - in Slovenia - this inventive and genious item is a connect key ring. The least we can say is that these Slovenian engineers are not afraid to challenge their serious competitors from America : the connected key ring they invented was partly financed following a colossal success on the American crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Long live Europe ! 

  • Chipolo One Bluetooth Key Finder for Corporate Gifts

    Chipolo One, the improved version of the best Bluetooth Key Finder to the world!
    Do not pass not next to Chipolo One for your business gifts. Clever and unique, Chipolo One is also customizable: make your own logo printed on any of the six colors of the range! It is also more powerful than its predecessor: enjoy the life of the replaceable battery extended to two years, better ring and a completely sealed unit.
  • Chipolo One Bluetooth Key Finder

    With this connected key-chain, do not ever lose your items !
    Your phone and keys love to play hide and seek ? With this connected key-chain, find them in a snap ! Chipolo One is even better than its predecessor: it sounds louder and the life of the battery is longer. For more simplicity, you receive a notification when you leave your items behind you.
    You can choose now your favorite from six colors !
  • Chipolo Card Bluetooth wallet finder

    A connected Card to track all your items !
    Do you know that the Chipolo house has a motto : the only thing that we can't recycle is the wasted time. With the connected Chipolo Card, don't waist a minute to get your purse, tablet, phone or ... any item ! This connected card is very fine and ultra-discreet to fit easily on any device.