• Chipolo


    CHIPOLO is a 100% European brand and proud of it. Entirely manufactured in the European Union - in Slovenia - this inventive and genious item is a connect key ring. The least we can say is that these Slovenian engineers are not afraid to challenge their serious competitors from America : the connected key ring they invented was partly financed following a colossal success on the American crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Long live Europe ! 

  • Dodow


    Dodow is a French start-up whose aim is nothing more than soothing our agitated nights. The start-up was created by 4 founders, "some of them former insomniacs", who have combined their skills to help the 10 million French people dealing with sleeping disorders. With backgrounds in science, design, programming, meditation and yoga, Greg, Mistletoe, Pierre and Alex have brilliantly taken up this challenge : to find an effective, economical and easy-to-use alternative to therapies, long meditation and yoga sessions and, above all, to the sleeping pills : the sleep regulator well named Dodow !

  • Doug Factory

    Doug Factory

    A childhood spent playing Lego and drawing. An adolescence spent playing video games, Dungeons & Dragons, watching horror movies and drawing. Engineering studies that allow you to easily master digital tools. Romain-Guirec in 2012 discovered that with a 3D printer and a crowdfunding project, he could create a cube full of darkness containing all his passions: gaming, architecture, exploration, fear. The Shining, Eischer, Moria, Alien, The Descent and 1,000 other defining memories will be invoked in this debut I N S I D E 3 game that will be acclaimed by audiences.

  • Hermiose


    Hermiose was created by two friends who were looking for an original and personal gift to give to their mothers for Mother's Day. They started to imagine a flower to grow by itself, a gift much more timeless than the simple bouquet they used to offer every year. Today, they have succeeded in creating this long awaited original gift !

  • Kubbick Books

    Kubbick Books

    Beautiful books are part of our lives. They don't just decorate our houses : they embellish them by making us travel, by surprising us or making us laugh, but also by educating us ! However, how to choose a book for yourself or to offer when the bookstore offer is so plentiful ? The Kubbick Books selection is here to help you. Every month, we make the best selection of great books : best sellers or new releases, unexpected discoveries... Just follow our advice !

  • Kubbick Selection

    Kubbick Selection

    Kubbick Selection is a wide range of techno-chic innovations carefully selected on the basis of design, aesthetics, performance and durability. Approved, tested and tested by our teams, in order to deliver the best !

  • Le Boudoir

    Le Boudoir

    Paris, capital of elegance and refinement.

    Boudoir, intimate and feminine space par excellence. Formerly a comfortable and chic room, where the women of the world retired to be alone or to converse with selected guests. Each left its mark on its own, imprinted the seal of its identity on it, decorating it with furniture selected with taste and finesse and remarkable objects. This cocoon, transformed into a room with a unique character, became a source of inspiration for oneself and for others.

    Faithful to the spirit and values ​​of these period places, Le Boudoir - Paris manufactures with care and quality objects intended for contemporary decorations. By these notes of beauty and aesthetics, today's living room, bedroom or bathroom stands out; with these little touches of magic, the modern interior revives the splendor and glory of yesteryear. Tribute to the quintessence of these missing boudoirs… without forgetting that of the circles and smoking rooms, so that men do not feel excluded!

    From one collection to another, we will invite you to travel through time and continents, and depending on the theme, to escape to new horizons. For our first collection, quite naturally, we gave you an appointment in France, in Paris and in full effervescence of the Roaring Twenties!

    So let yourself be carried away by the patterns and scents. Touch the shapes, feel the materials. Treat yourself. And remember to offer Le Boudoir - Paris objects.

    “…a duchess's boudoir, everything was there: comfort, elegance and wealth. On a fine pedestal table of lemon wood shone like a star an alabaster lamp which cast a soft, bluish light through the room. » 

    Teophile Gautier

  • Marie Wolt

    Marie Wolt

    "We love technology and electronics. We put all our energy into making the world's finest wireless chargers. Designed and assembled in our hometown of Stockholm, Sweden, one of the most innovative countries in the world." Marie Wolt.

  • My Arcade Gaming

    My Arcade Gaming

    My Arcade ® is run by lifelong gamers, passionate people who understand exactly what retro game fans want from releases of their favorite games. This passion is reflected in each of the products offered by the brand. The releases of 1980's collector games such as Pac Man, Galaga or Bubble Bobble are based on official licenses of the original games.

  • Newgate


    Newgate is a British-established company that designs wall clocks, alarm clocks and mantel clocks for contemporary decor

  • Orbit


    ORBIT is a brand of the Australian firm HButler. At the beginning, a couple as chic as creative, formed by Ana Slavka and Stephan Kljajic. And just one idea, making everyday life easier by creating ultra-practical nomadic accessories. The kind you can't live without. Among their latest inventions, ORBIT. A device that helps you find all of your lost items. Its little trick ? The design !... But also its range of Bluetooth trackers, the most extensive range in the world ! Imagine owning a tracker for every use... Well, it's done, Orbit Keys finds your keys, Orbit Card your wallet, Orbit Glasses your glasses, Orbit Stick-on sticks to all everyday objects and Orbit Smart Powerbank is the external battery that recharges itself. smart, right?

  • Plakat


    PLAKAT is a publishing house of alternative cinema posters, based in Paris.

    In collaboration with film studios, directors and producers, Plakat creates unique works of art.

    Imagined by genuine artists willing to pay tribute to our favorite films.

    A unique way to extend the cinema experience on your walls.

  • Printworks


    Printworks was founded with the ambition of creating everyday products with a new aesthetic touch to make them more adapted to our modern life. The careful choice of colors, materials and typography makes Printworks products relevant to this new way of living are some classics for the new generation. Printworks functional products such as board games, photo albums, and puzzles are so aesthetically pleasing that they can stand on display in your house. Many of the Printworks products are designed to bring people together, just like the old days !

  • Tactica


    Ergonomic and aesthetic tools designed in Melbourne, so comfortable and easy to use that they will become an extension of you.