Chargeur pour Smarphone Donut

Imagine a charging station shaped like a donut, with a discreet design and a texture as soft as silk !

No, that is not just a doughnut and no, you cannot eat it !
The DONUT multiport adaptor from Trozk literally breaks the codes of the classic charger ! Its perfectly circular shape, its unbreakable and smooth shell and its futuristic design contain 5 USB plugs and ports. More than a simple charging station, this object will follow you everywhere.

MSRP : €24.96
Product available with different options


Highlights :

Multi-port and multi-functional charging station with two dual-ended plugs, two USB ports and one Type-C port
Power : 1400W
Unique design, smooth touch and double shell for optimal protection
Rubber dust ring
Format allows for concealed USB ports and plug tips
Perfect finish
Available in 6 colors (green, yellow, red, orange, slate grey and charcoal grey)

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