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A pretty neroli candle to accompany matches.
NEROLI - Perfume of Grasse
Born from the marriage between white orange blossom and woody notes, the Neroli fragrance perfumes your interior with a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. The fragrance transports us to the south of France, where the crickets rock us with their summer song.
Instructions: During your first lighting, leave the candle lit for at least two consecutive hours. The wick will burn evenly and cleanly, avoiding black smoke fumes, and giving your candle an ideal lifespan.
Le Boudoir Paris candles are composed of natural fragrances of great purity, originating from the most prestigious region in the world, Grasse, in French Provence. 100% natural vegetable wax. Does not contain paraffin or palm oil. Braided wick in pure cotton, without heavy metals, to guarantee a 100% clean combustion and respectful of the environment.
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