Connected Objects

  • Chipolo One Bluetooth Key Finder

    With this connected key-chain, do not ever lose your items !
    Your phone and keys love to play hide and seek ? With this connected key-chain, find them in a snap ! Chipolo One is even better than its predecessor: it sounds louder and the life of the battery is longer. For more simplicity, you receive a notification when you leave your items behind you.
    You can choose now your favorite from six colors !
  • Chipolo Card Bluetooth wallet finder

    A connected Card to track all your items !
    Do you know that the Chipolo house has a motto : the only thing that we can't recycle is the wasted time. With the connected Chipolo Card, don't waist a minute to get your purse, tablet, phone or ... any item ! This connected card is very fine and ultra-discreet to fit easily on any device.


  • Orbit Glasses Bluetooth glasses finder

    With Orbit Glasses, do not lose your glasses, ever !
    Are you a "loosing things" person ? Then Orbit Glasses can save you precious time and many headaches ! This miniature Bluetooth sticks easily to the frame of most glasses. Connected to your phone through a free application, Orbit Glasses ring your glasses within 30 to 60 m and locate them on a map. Easy !
  • Orbit Card Bluetooth wallet finder


    You won't live without Orbit Card !

    If you are a "loosing thins" person (especially your wallet or phone), Orbit Card could save you a lot of time... This credit card-sized connected object slips into your wallet. Just ring it from your phone, or ring your missing phone by clicking on the card ! Discreet, efficient and simply indispensable, Orbit Card is rechargeable and compatible with most smartphones. 

  • Orbit Key Bluetooth key finder


    With Orbit Key, don't lose your keys (or your smartphone !)

    Are you a "loosing things" person ? Then Orbit Key is for you ! With this connected key chain in anodized aluminum, find your keys or your phone just in one click.

    Orbit Key's look is particularly attractive, but not only : it can be recharged with a new one when the original is HS.

    We bet Orbit Key will become your best friend !