Mini Arcade Namco Museum 20 jeux
  • Mini Arcade Namco Museum 20 jeux

Arcade NAMCO MUSEUM 20 Games

Play the famous arcade games of the 1980s !
All the classic NAMCO BANDAI-all in one Mini Arcade large 10-inch format. A must for any fan of retro Arcades. Included 20 games: BATTLE CITY /DIG DUG /DIG DUG II /DRAGON SPIRIT /GALAGA /GALAXIAN /MAPPY /PAC-PANIC /PAC-MAN /PAC-MAN 2: The New Adventures /PAC-MANIA /Phelios /ROLLING THUNDER /ROLLING THUNDER 2 /ROLLING THUNDER /SKY KIDTM SPLATTER HOUSE /SPLATTERHOUSE 2 /Tower of Druaga /XEVIOUS
MSRP : €158.33
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Highlights :

  • Retro and trendy design
  • Play with a (detachable) joystick or flat button
  • 4.25" color display
  • Volume control and 3.5 jack
  • Comes with AC Adapter
  • Official License of the original games
  • A madness gift right in the retro-gaming mode !

Data sheet

16,51 x 31,12 x 18,42 cm
1,11 kg
Garantie Fabricant
1 an
Contenu de la boite
Micro player, Joystick, AC Adaptateur, Manuel multi-langues (English, Français, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese & Arabic)

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